About Weimaraner Republic Pictures

Weimaraner Republic Pictures (WRPCO) was founded by Lynn Harris and Matti Leshem in June 2014 as a film, television, digital and theatrical production company. The essential goal of WRPCO is to produce event films, high-end director driven material and female-audience driven content that will attract the most brilliant and talented filmmakers and materials in today’s film, television and digital arenas.

Recently released by Sony Pictures was the terrifying thriller, THE SHALLOWS by Tony Jaswinski.  THE SHALLOWS tells the story of a young surfer’s encounter with a great white shark.  The film stars Blake Lively and is directed by Jaume Collet-Serra and opened June 2016 in the U.S.  Produced for a modest budget of $25M, THE SHALLOWS grossed an impressive $118M worldwide in its theatrical release window and is enjoying a healthy release in DVD, digital and streaming.

WRPCO has an exciting and eclectic development slate in both the studio and independent worlds. The most recent addition to the slate is the company’s first foray into the animated world with MORNING STAR, a female-driven adventure based on an original idea of Leshems’ which sold to Sony Pictures Animation.  Another recent addition to the slate is UNFREED at Participant, based on a true story and an article written by New York magazine contributing editor and New York Times best selling author Robert Kolker.  At Warner Bros, the company is developing MEGIDDO, an epic adventure about the Templar Knights based on a treatment by Leshem, and VARIANT, an original sci-fi thriller from the writer of THE SHALLOWS.  At Dreamworks, WRPCO has a female-driven comedy based on the book, PULPWOOD QUEENS by Kathy Murphy.  And at Tri-Star, Blacklist screenwriters Jonathan Stewart and Jacob Crane adapt true story THE AXMANN CONSPIRACY, based on the book by Scott Andrew Selby.

WRPCO has a number of films it is developing in the independent space including a feature based on the life of Kristin Beck, the first openly transgender Navy SEAL. Channing Tatum is attached to star and will produce with WRPCO and Easy Day Media.  Others include an epic action film based on the life of Guy Fawkes and a buddy comedy written by internationally acclaimed author, Sophie Kinsella.

WRPCO is also active in the television space.  At WGN America they have EXILES, a drama spanning 1898-1967, the drama follows the foundation of the state of Israel through the saga of one family.  Created by Matti Leshem, who has written the pilot with David Kohan (WILL & GRACE).  WRP is also developing a comedy with ENDEMOL SHINE set in the world of the dog walkers of Manhattan.  Lauren Miller Rogen will write.